Shoe storage options

Ikea shoe cabinet -Not as polished as other cabinets but functional and less expensive. ($49.99 for 76" shelf space - 66 cents per inch)

2-Shelf Storage Stacker - Seems to have all the qualities I'm looking for. ($14.99 for 62" total length of shelves - 24 cents per inch)

 White Mesh Stacking Shoe Shelf - This could work if it doesn't rust. I would want to put a cleanable solid surface on the mesh to prevent dirt from falling down on the shoes below. ($14.99 for 31" total length of shelves - 48 cents per inch)

Closet shoe organizer slots - Seems efficient but I'm not sure about the sturdiness factor. They are made from polystyrene. ($83.99 for 56" shelf space - $1.50 per inch)

Tall plastic/metal rack - This is the size/dimension that I want, but this one has terrible reviews since it falls apart easily. ($38.99 for 29' shelf space - $1.34 per inch)

25 Slots with doors - Very compact and concealed, but you have to squish two shoes in one slot. Not practical. We would end up putting one shoe in a cubby, making this a 12.5 pair shoe holder. ($199 for 12.5 feet shelf space - $1.33 per inch)

Shoe rack with casters - It has nice solid surfaces so small shoes and dirt don't slip through to the level below. It somewhat conceals the shoes. ($64.99 for 6 feet shelf space - 90 cents per inch)

2 Tier Shoe Cabinet - This might work. Each family member would need one tier. I wonder if kids' sized shoes fit or if it holds shoes without heels. I don't think it accomodates taller shoes/boots though. ($94.99 for 15 feet shelf space - 53 cents per inch)

3-Tier Shoe Cabinet - Same as above with one extra tier. ($125 for 22.5 feet of shelf space - 46 cents per inch)


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