Gallon jars in a file cabinet -- Am I crazy?

More indecision...

My latest brainstorm was to repurpose the 2 drawer lateral file (great deal from Smart Office Systems re-use showroom) as our "baking center."

Then I could store all the jars of dried goods in the drawer and easily pull them out for access. I wouldn't have to lift any heavy jars down off the shelf. And I could set the mixing bowl on the top of the file and scoop out ingredients from below.

Great....but the "Winning Jars" from my research, the 2 and 2.5 gallon Montana Jars are too large to fit in the drawer, although there smaller sizes available from limited sources.

So I'm back to thinking about those gallon "pickle" jars. On the plus side, they are lots cheaper. On the downside, the openings aren't as wide so it's hard to get a scoop inside. Plus, some lids aren't airtight and some lids are downright awful.
But here are some great resources for gallon jars and even some different types of lids.

Freund Container Company -- 1 Gallon jar (with lid) $3.95; 1/2 Gallon jar (with lid) $2.99. (You can opt for a variety of lid types. And they explain the differences)

Containers and Packaging Company -- 1 Gallon Jars (no lids) - $2.85, 1/2 Gallon Jars (no lids) - $4.28. Add $.40 to .97 per lid depending on type.

132 ounce square cracker jar with lid -- $6.95 from Storables
127 ounce square cracker jar with lid -- $8.73 from Freund Containers


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