Search for cordless phone **UPDATE**

**UPDATE** Now we're comparing two models available from Sam's Club, both energy star compliant:

Panasonic KX-TG6323 PK ($69.73/3 handsets, expands to 6)

  • PROs: Uses rechargeable AAA batteries instead of expensive batteries. Shows time/date on display.
  • CONs: Only 5 hour talk time, but you can keep handset on charger all the time without harming batteries. Have to scroll through menu to change ringer volume or to turn it off and need to refer to manual. Less than excellent sound quality.
  • Ratings:
    4.1/5 (9 reviews Sam's Club)
    3/5 (1 review Amazon reviews)
    69-73 Consumer Reports for other KX-TG models. Consumer reports reviewed other models which can be compared to this one at the panasonic site.
    3/5 (13-15 reviews, Consumer report users reviews for both of those other KX-TG models.

AT&T SL82558 - ($99.74 /5 handsets, expands to 12)

  • PROs: Intuitive to use and change settings without manual according to users. Had best sound and range of consumer reports models reviewed.
  • CONs: No time/date display reported by users. Only con reported by consumer reports was that it has no auto talk but that's a good thing for our house.
  • Ratings:
    4.5/5 (14 reviews Sam's Club)
    4/5 (9 reviews Amazon reviews)
    78/100 Consumer report reviews (highest rating in it's category!)
    4/5 ( 20 Consumer report users reviews)
    4.5/5 (33 Reviews Best Buy Reviews)

We brought the Panasonic model home since Sam's club was closing...but it looks like we'll be taking it back tomorrow.

The AT&T model really looks like the better phone for us. Yay! Another step toward a functional house :)


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