Finding the perfect shoe rack

With the phone crossed off the list, the next organizing item is a shoe rack. It could also be a unit that also has room for our accessories that end up by the door.

With Sam's Asian background and my germophobia we're both happily accustomed to having shoes left at the door. It also makes one would ever get their shoes back into their closet anyway.

Data analyst geek that I am, I've measured our shoe collections to find out how to store the most amount of shoes in the least amount of space.

Being Michigan, it never seems to work to rotate coats, shoes, or accessories by season. It can be any season at any given moment.

So considering, shoes, boots, rollerskates, sandals, water shoes, backpacks, briefcases, sports bags, gloves, hats, keys here's what I'm looking for:

  • 24 feet of storage with 7" height between shelves

  • 14 feet of storage with 14" height between shelves

  • Sturdy construction

  • Makes use of vertical space

  • Concealed if at all possible!

The stand-alone shoe storage can fit in an area that is 3 feet wide. The shoe + accessory unit can span an area that is 8 feet wide.

Remember those great free hutches from MSU surplus that I was going to use for this project? Well, it turns out that there is too much wasted space between shelves to be efficient. I'm thinking of dismantling 8 of them and reconstructing them into the configuration I need.

I would love to work on that project, but just keeping up with laundry is more than enough of a project in this phase of my life.

So, let's see what existing products might do the trick!


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