2009-2010 Homeschool Classes Michigan Historical Library

Education Programs for Home School Students

The Michigan Historical Museum offers home school parents special days to bring their children to our educational group programs. Choose a program that interests you and enjoy it in the company of other home school families. All programs start at 10:00am. Spaces are limited, call or e-mail now to reserve your space! 517-241-0708 or ravena@michigan.gov. (See the MHL calendar of events for even more activities for everyone.) See program schedule below.

October 8, 2009

Growing Up in Michigan – Grades K-3, 1½ hours, $2 per student
Card wool, clean a rug, haul “water” and much more as you learn what is was like to grow up on a farm in rural Michigan. Discover the similarities and differences in the life of a child today and that of a 19th century child.

Michigan’s First Peoples – Grades 4-8, 1½ hours, $2 per student
Discover our state’s early inhabitants and the important contributions Native Americans have made. Create a pot in traditional style.

October 15, 2009

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker – My Community Then and Now – Grades K-3, 1½ hours, $2 per student
Meet the people who work in our community now and those that played important roles in communities of the past. What tools do they use to get things done? How have jobs and communities changed?

Always in the Dark – Grades 4-8, 1½ hours, $2 per student
Dig into Michigan’s mining heritage. Discover what it was like to work in the early copper and iron mines of the Upper Peninsula. Try your hand at “cookie mining”.

November 19, 2008

Old Time Toys and Games – Grades K-3, 1 hour, $3 per student
What did children do before TV, DVDs and video games? Play with wooden toys, learn traditional games and make a toy to take home.

Tall Pines and Shanty Boys – Grades 4-8, 1½ hour, $2 per student
Explore life in the lumber camp as you learn how “green gold” changed Michigan’s history and economy. Learn “loggers lingo” and find products made from trees.

December 17, 2009

Holiday Ornaments – All grade levels, 1½ hour, $5 per person
Deck the halls this year with a very special hand made ornament. We have everything you need to create a festive assortment of twinkling stars, glassy bulbs and fun holiday characters!

January 21, 2010

Native American Storytelling and Crafts – K-3, 1½ hours, $2 per student
Native American shared tales about their cultural past and their relationship to nature through storytelling. Discover your memory skills and create and image to use as a storytelling reminder.

Movers and Seekers: The Stories of Michigan’s Immigrants – Grades 4-8, 1½ hours, $2 per student
Why would someone leave their home to move to a new place? What did they bring? What was left behind? What attracted people to settle in Michigan? Discover how and why immigrants came to Michigan through stories, role-play, artifacts and primary documents.

February 18, 2010

African American Storytelling and Crafts – Grades K-3, 1½ hours, $2 per student
Students will embark on a spellbinding journey through the history of African-Americans in Michigan. Through role play and activities, they will discover the important roles and impacts African-Americans have had in creating our state's rich past.

Three Centuries of African American History – Grades 4-12, 1½ hours, $2 per student
A spellbinding journey through the stories of African Americans in Michigan’s history. From the early fur trade to the 21st century, this program will highlight inventors, businessmen, statesmen and entertainers who were significant in creating our state’s rich past.

March 18, 2010

Those Mighty Michigan Women – Grades K-3, 1½ hours, $2 per student
Meet a notable woman from Michigan’s past and explore the inspiring stories of other bold women who helped shape history.

Herstory - Women in Michigan History – Grades 4-8, 1½ hours, $2 per student
Meet women from Michigan’s past who helped shape history. Investigate women’s changing roles through the decades.


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