Some good reading for parents...especially with kids on the autism spectrum

Identifying Brain Differences In People With ADHD - Fascinating research profiled on NPR. It helps me to understand why my son craves "Monster Drinks" and can be so hyperfocused and so unfocused at the same time.  I just hope and pray that this kind of research grows exponentially so we can truly understand the underlying neurobiological causes for these challenging behaviors and create effective treatment, or at least empathy for the challenges our kids face.

When a Parent’s ‘I Love You’ Means ‘Do as I Say’ - Great article from NY Times explaining the importance of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in parenting and how our society is promoting CONDITIONAL LOVE in parenting.  In many ways we are told to withhold our love or our very presence until our children "behave according to our wishes."  I find this behavioral strategy particularly noxious with children who have neurological challenges. When our kids are melting down and acting out it is really a cry for help, not abandonment. Thank goodness attachment parenting offers a totally different paradigm and has wonderful results associated with it...deeply bonded parents and children and kids who grow up confident and able to face challenges.


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