A New Age of Civil Disobedience

Here are some interesting ways people are finding to "take back the city," especially in an age of budget cuts to city services. 

Seed bombs? Paint guns? Graffiti? Yes, these are part of urban renewal if you can believe it!

[Photo by Urban Wild via Creative Commons License]

 Guerrilla gardening is being used to fight neglect of public spaces by stealthfully and subversively planting seeds, bulbs, plants, and even produce-bearing greenery in public places as demonstrated by the Los Angeles Guerrilla gardeners (left).

So quit playing mafia wars and put your dark side into action!

Become the spy you've always wanted to be! Learn how to make seed bombs ,and guerilla granades and explosive eggs.

Strap on your invisible automatic seed shoe. Grab your his 'n hers subversive gardener attache cases with hidden drills and pot dispensers.

Guerrilla graffiti via the Urban Repair Squad is seeking to improve transportation safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.

This is art installment (left) is supposed to be a visual marker for a bike path, but I think it would also make a great "speed hump" to slow down traffic.

I think it's safer than the next option....

Paintball guns to fight speeding cars in neighborhoods


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