Repurposing Clementine boxes

We're coming to some big hurdles in the organizing as we try to clean THE basement. 

It's a giant puzzle akin to the Rush Hour Traffic Jam game in which stacks of things need to be moved and shifted several times to get everything in the new location. 

Oh, where are you Clean Sweep team when I need you????

In the shuffle I'm encountering my odds and ends face to face, including my giant stash of clementine boxes. 

They are just too wonderful to throw away! 

So I needed to find a way to repurpose them and hopefully pass them on in their new reincarnation.

photo by

Here's what I found:


Grow lush wheat grass or rye grass
Doll bed which is something we had kind of already been doing
Raised planter beds for square foot gardening
Forms for stepping stones in the garden
Guinea pig toy for chewing and climbing
Creating a picket fence box planter to grow popcorn seeds
Windowsill gardens and flower boxes
Garden container with artistic flair
Ripening green tomatoes in a box
Stackable storage racks for pantry by removing one side
Bird feeder with bottoms replaced with wire mesh
Kitchen drawer organizer or insert


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