The snowflake principle

I've recently started reading some down-to-earth useful and insightful blogs about personal finance. A topic I normally find painful at worse and boring at best.

But I've been enjoying reading a very interesting blog called The Simple Dollar, written by Trent, who likes to say he is a normal guy openly and honestly discussing money and is not a financial or frugality expert.

And he's a parent of a young child, so that makes him an expert in my book.

He is a talented writer and his work goes beyond the frugal living discussions and addresses some additional practical and reflective issues. There are tons of free resources here that seem really useful.

He has some areas of disagreements with Suzy Orman and Dave Ramsey and discusses them intellectually. I resonate with that kind of healthy discussion and debate. Trent is a really good writer and thinker and his blog is worth subscribing to!!

And speaking of Dave Ramsey, I stumbled upon the "Snowflake Revolution" which has its roots in Dave Ramsey's "Snowball approach to debt."

Unlike big snowballs, snowflakes are small bits of money applied toward debt by small steps in reducing expenses or increasing revenue.

Simple Mom is one of those talented writers with some great snowflakish ideas (not to be confused with flaky ideas) in her blog of "Life hacks for Home managers." I recommend her blog as well.

I found the snowflake revolution to be about more than just money, but more generally about creating momentum in small steps, finding opportunities in everyday situations, repurposing, and being in charge of your destiny.

Now that's fun!


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