Turning plastic, paper, and household ingredients into bling and scholarships

Green jewelry ideas from Instructables.com.  These look like so much fun to try!!

Clove necklace and beads from instructables

Beads from wavy-cut paper from instructables

Jewelry charms from #6 plastic from instructables and expanded on at the dabbled blog

Faux pearl necklace from cornstarch clay from instructables

And if you really want to stick with the recycled theme, you can make your own jump rings from used paperclips!

The ultimate repurposing gig can be found at the Fool for Art silent auction.

The John Tyler Community College, employees of Chesterfield county, and area businesses and schools all join in the fun to create items that are made of at least 75% recycled material.

These items are then sold to raise funds for scholarship. The items range from simple to incredibly artistic.

One of my favorites was this adorable doll house made entirely of recycled materials.


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