20 Ways to Melt and Use Crayons

I realized that for a blog with "Crayons" in the name I should really have some posts about crayons!! So here we go with the ultimate guide to melting crayons.

Being the OCD academic classifier than I am, I adore sorting things like crayons which comes in handy for some of these projects.

DIY Crayon sorter from Simply Craft Blog via Monkey See Monkey Do


Most of these blog authors peeled the paper off their crayons (or had the kids do that during church lol). Some folks like The Go Green Blog melted crayons with the paper on and just removed papers before pouring into molds.

If you do peel save the wrappers!

Crayon wrapper collage from etsy artist Price Jamie

Please visit these blogger sites to learn more about their specific instructions for temperatures and what molds worked best for them and what special safety instructions apply, especially with kids. Hint: Some molds melt with the crayons and empty pill bottles and empty deodorant sticks make great molds!

(1) Melt and pour -- using the stovetop

Tin can as double boiler from Apple Shoe
Soda cans as double boiler from The Go Green Blog
The Go Green Blog pours into mold

(2) Melt and pour -- using the oven

Better in Bulk melts then molds

Finished product from Better in Bulk
Melted then poured into molds from Lego Express

(3) Melt crayons directly in the molds -- using the oven

Oven baked crayons from Eric Carle Museum of Art
Oven baked crayons from Better in Bulk

(4) Melt crayons directly in the molds -- using the microwave

Layered crayons
Polka dot crayons

(5) Melt the crayons with the sun

Hot sun + car roof = crafts for boys from Come Together Kids
Hot sun + canvas = art from Clumsy Crafter
Hot sun + mason jar + wick = crayon candle from  ..and chaos ensued

(6) Melt crayons with a blow dryer

Art from Unsimple Living (Wrappers off)
Art from 52 Kitchen Adventures (wrappers on)
Art from Sam's Scrap Candy
Art from Etsy seller Light and Spoon
Art from Crafster

(7) Melt crayons with embossing gun

Embossing tin with melted crayon at Instructables

(8) Melt crayons with candle warmer

Melting crayons with candle warmer from Teach Preschool

(9) Melt crayons with candles

Abstract crayon art from Ideals to Life
Dot art from U Create with Kids

(10) Melt crayons on hot rocks

Fun ways to melt crayons from Wise Craft

(11) Melt crayons on heated iron for transfer

Melted crayon art backgrounds from Split Coast Stampers
Iron-melted crayon papers from Ink Stains

(12) Melt crayons with iron and wax paper

Transparent crayon heart mobiles from napcp
(13) Melt crayons with a light bulb
yeah, that light bulb works says Instructables author K.Therman#8
Here's the proof from K.Theman#8

(14) Melt crayons into sculptures

Crayon sculpture in process from Butterfly Dreams
(15) Melt crayons into a bowl

Award winning Kookabura at Worth 1000

(16) Melt crayons into candles or use to tint candle wax

Bottle cap candles from Craftaholics Anonymous
Wax and candle crayon from Crafty Corner
Crayon candles in Easter eggs from The Magic Onions
(17) Decorate Easter eggs

Disney Family Fun
(18) Melt crayon on fabrics

Melted crayon with fabric on skillet from Heather's 3 Stars
(19) Warm and bend crayons into art

Bob Bonanno winner at Bergen Museum

(20) Melt crayons and draw on warming tray

Melted crayon art at Play Based Learning


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Your all the ideas are really really awesome. I loved very much the melted dot art. I would love if you ask do some thing with the bottle caps.

lee woo said...
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