Coke Bottle Oil Lamp

Instructables has a complete tutorial for turning this antique coke bottle turned into an oil lamp.  

Corvidae Instructables author
Others have done this with different glass bottles, different wicks, and different liquids for burning.

Sappho Instructables author


  • First author used a continuous length of wick from a hobby store.
  • Second author recycled a 100% cotton sock into a wick.
  • JoelCrisman from the survivalist forum suggests making wooden wicks from a twig.

Other uses for Coke Bottles

If you have left over coke bottles, try turning them into oil dispensers or storage for herbs or salts.

Musings of a kitchen witch

And this was too funny to not include!  Here's a use for leftover plastic soda bottles as sprinklers.

"Franken Fix" from There I Fixed It via Matt Hinkman


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