Cement blocks in the garden

Somebody help me!  Here's another craigslist posting that I want so badly!  Free cinder blocks.  

If only I had a truck to pick them up here is what I would do....
Raised beds and paths  from Personality is Preferred
Raised stone garden bed from Wild Ginger Farm

Simple raised bed from Container Gardening Ideas

No dig garden from Permaculture Power
Notice how they even use the spaces in the perimeter blocks

Garden wall from Home Improvement
Decorative planters from Remodelista
From Elephant's Eye garden
Is it a bench or a garden? Read more to find out!

Bench from Organic Farm*
*attributed to Better Homes and Garden
but I cannot find the original link

Strawberry pyramid from the Green Thumb Alliance

More raised beds form the Green Thumb Alliance.
See how you can add mini hoop houses?!
My Life as an Ex-Foodie* shows how fencing is easily added to raised bed
*original attribution for photo not provided


Elephant's Eye said...

Thanks for the mention!

Pam @ Digging in Texas has a wonderful interpretation of that wall of cinder blocks planted with succulents.

Quon_mom said...

@Elephant's EyeYou're welcome! Thanks for sharing your great ideas and photos :-)

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