Finding the missing Polly Pocket doll shoe and other great tips

They are positively insanely clever tricks, most of which I had never heard.  I'll bet many are new to you too!

This was one of my favorite tips.  I immediately thought of using it to find those insanely small Polly Pocket doll shoes lost in the carpet.

Polly pocket loot from Megan Makes
"Drop a small object on the carpet and can't find it? Place panty hose over the end of the vacuum hose and start vacuuming. The panty hose will trap anything to large to fit through the tiny hose and keep it from getting sucked into the vacuum. "

Here are my "Did you know?" tips:

(1) Secret information on Happy Meal boxes.  Did you know you can turn over the McDonald's Happy Meal boxes to find out what the next toy promotion will be?  Not that any of us should be eating this stuff or adding to the material consumption of often useless toys from China, but I digress.... 

Looks like Build a Bear is up next!

(2) Secret signals on traffic lights.  Did you know that many traffic lights have an additional white light light that flashes when an emergency vehicle is in the area?  If the emergency vehicle is close to the actual intersection it can preempt the signal to change colors to stop traffic to allow the emergency vehicle through.

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