Retro Kid Kitch

These retro art pieces, textiles, and illustrations (some old, some new) are so delicious to me I can barely breathe! 

Some of these artists have current pieces for sale so check them out.  Other things are vintage and rare so enjoy the thrill of the chase.
Retro art from Michelle Bickford

Jared Andrew Schorr Commissioned Muppet Exhibit
Jared Andrew Schorr Post-Its Collection
Ellen Giggenbach cut paper and art illustrations
Gartner Press at the Licensing Nook
Bewitched Magic's Retro Kitch photo gallery
Eleanor Thompson illustration via Betwitched Magic
More Betwitched Magic photo collection - I think I wore some of these

Brian Wildsmith illustration via Flutterby Patch

Wall decals by NE Indiana business Off the Wall Expressions


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