Handwriting Help

For some of our kids the mechanics of handwriting are a barrier to learning.  So alternatives like computer keyboards, sign language, and oral reports bridge that gap.

However, this Wall Street Journal article, How Handwriting Trains the Brain: Forming Letters Is Key to Learning, Memory, Ideas, suggests that the mechanics of handwriting provide some important benefits.

Handwriting Help

I've posted tips here and here in addition to these new ones below:

Fix it Write provides 10 days of exercises to help create more fluid writing movements. It also suggests an alternative handwriting grip to make writing easier. Users can choose what font style, writing style, and handwriting grip works best for them.

Apps in My Pocket offers touch screen help with letter formation and phonics together in one app.  A nice, and somewhat rare, feature is that they use the D'Nealian font which aids in the transition to cursive. Children can use the fingers or a stylus to form the letters.

Kidz Occupational Therapy has a handy guide for choosing the right pencils and devices

Handwriting solutions from Kidz Occupational Therapy


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